Full Moon Download Nov 2018

The moon gives us life. She provides us Divine Feminine energy to counterbalance the strength of the Sun. Energies are running high as we pass this November full moon. We encounter friction in our daily lives and our relationships. We do our best to stand strong and rooted firmly during the chaos that ensues on this planet as we make the transition into the Age of Aquarius.

Old structures must fall. Old energies must leave the planet. Truths must be revealed. As practitioners, it is especially important for us to stick with our own self-care and rituals. It is beyond important to keep your thoughts positive because when the negative comes in, it starts to spiral and build. Do not give energy to the things you no longer want, rather as we welcome in this time of releasing with the moon cycle release once and for all the anger, the frustration, the egoic programs of comparison and separation.

We are all ONE dear spirits. We must work together and support each other now more than ever for in this unity we gain influence. In this unity our energies build. Do not tear each other down. Lift each other up! In giving you shall receive and in supporting you shall be supported.

Tap in to the Divine. Use your cards and receive your messages. Dedicate your sleep time to your expansion and to receiving whatever messages you need. Your gifts will be amplified with each coming cycle if you let them. Stop getting in your own way. Stop doubting. Stop naysaying. Believe in yourself and each other. Stand together. Send out unconditional love to your tribe and the planet.

Be at peace in this time of uncertainty. It is only temporary and it must exist if we are to move forward. Allow what is to be and do not hold on to the old. Create space in your life for the new and it will enter with all the gusto your desire. Have faith dear ones.

So many blessings to you all.


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