Cosmic Healing Journey

Well, here I am, I quit my job I trained for over 8 years. I gave up the 80-100k salary. I gave up the benefits and the status of being a “doctor.” I gave up the respect of some people in my life. I gave up who I was for who I am meant to be.

I followed faith and MY own truth. And now I am being shown I am to share this story with you and the journey of my healing as it happens day by day. I am here to tell you it is now safe for you to have what you want. If you trust and follow that which you know to be your truth, it will set you free. I took the path less travelled. I detached from the fear that I had, that we all have, of not being “secure,” the fear of the unknown.

This may not always be the easy path. There will be trials and tribulations. There will be challenges and they WILL make you stronger. You will fall and you will get back up and then you will always find victories. Please, just know you will always be helped up. You can break the cycle you are in, that feels like slavery, that feels like it is slowly crushing your soul or picking you apart. You can break the cycle of pain that it feels like can’t be escaped.

You CAN. You can break free and create the life you want, the life that aligns with your true essence. The life where you are excited to wake up each and every morning in anticipation and curiosity of what they day will bring.

I will share my story and what has transpired since I took this terrifying and brave step and all of the miraculous healing and joy that has come from it. I will share what kept me on my path even when I felt like turning back. This will be an account of what is happening as I, and therefore WE, move forward into this spiritual paradise. I will reflect on how I got here, to this place of freedom and joy, in hopes to guide you to walk down your own path with courage and confidence so you can join me.

Remember, you alone know what is right for you. Remember you are always supported, you only need to ask for the support. Remember you are NEVER alone.

I am so grateful and honored to be able to share this journey with you, to guide and lead you down this path to you truth, to your joy, to your destiny.

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