Break Apart, Rise Anew

Sometimes you have to let yourself break down in order to grow stronger. Its not comfortable, its not easy, and its not always fun. It is painful to unravel your old patterns, to face the wounds inflicted by self and others in this lifetime and in past lifetimes. They are deep, they are often times unconscious, and they are often quite illusive.

Too often I see individuals who are afraid of this work, who are not committed, or who just don't know how. I was one of them. I also see people who think they have finished their work, they think they are "healed" and they get stuck. If I can say one thing for myself, I am truly committed to this work. I refuse to give up, giving up is not even an option, if I give up I might as well cross over. Why you ask? Because I know within the depths of my soul I am here to serve and inspire others and I simply cannot do that without doing the hard work, without being committed to my own journey of growth and expansion, without breaking myself apart in order to rise stronger and more capable of fulfilling my mission on this planet.

So what do you do when you start to get uncomfortable? Do you get angry? Do you shy away? Do you close off? And what can you do differently when you are ready to embrace the challenges and welcome back the parts of yourself that you have shunned for so long?

Here are some options. Sit in meditation and ask yourself why you are reacting this way or what you are afraid of. Have a trusted friend or partner who will support you, even if that support means making you aware you are falling into an old pattern, aka calling you out on your shit. Seek out helping professionals (I recommend via referral so you know what you are getting). Commit to working with them, even when it gets uncomfortable, don't put a time limit on it. Don't expect them to do your work for you. This is a big problem I see people fall victim to. They are not willing or ready to do their own work. They latch on to their "healer" or medical professional and they expect them to do the work for them. Let me tell you, this is work that only you can do. To commit to this work you need to be vulnerable with yourself and you need to find a sounding board of a person that you can be vulnerable and feel safe with.

Be kind to yourself and give yourself credit if you are actually doing this work, its not easy. If it was easy everyone really would be doing it. Let yourself break down. Let yourself get angry. Let it out or it will never change. Be gentle with yourself and care for yourself when you allow these things to come up. Practice self care. Slow down. Take the day off, no one will die (unless maybe you're a doctor). Stop taking yourself so seriously and take a look from a different perspective. You won't regret it. Know that there are others out there doing the same and know that there are people out there like me to who want to assist you and guide you on this journey, you will always be caught and you are NEVER alone When the summit feels this high, its because it probably is. Don't turn back, persistence is the key!

Please reach out if you feel alone. I won't turn you away.

Love and blessings,


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