Experience Intuitive Body Work  
Reiki Treatment

Intuitive Body Work is a truly individualized experience catered uniquely to your individual needs.


The first session is designed to improve overall energy flow in the body to relieve tension and stress and create a sense of balance and peace. This session includes consultation, multidimensional chakra/energy balancing and clearing, sound frequency accompaniment, essential oils chosen for what your body and energy needs that day, and energetic flow/trigger point release massage using therapeutic grade essential oils.


Subsequent sessions include these modalities and may also include gemstone energy medicine, cupping, myofasical release, guided visualizations, and more!


This modality will help you feel more connected to your higher self, your intuition, guides and angels, and more in line with your purpose! You will leave with practical ways to integrate what you have learned into your daily mindfulness practices.

90 Minute Signature Treatment


60 Minute Treatment


90 Minute Raindrop


45 Minute Head / Neck / Shoulder TX


Mobile Service

Additional $20 to treatment of choice

Package: 3 - 60 Minute Treatments


Package: 3 - 90 Minute Treatments


Package: 5 - 90 Minute Treatments