Private and Family Sound Bath

Reconnect with the energy flow I your physical body with this opportunity to relax & be present in your own energy or with your closest friends or family.

Sound healing is known for its deeply healing and relaxing benefits including releasing blockages & pain, decreasing stress & anxiety, increased feelings of peace & wellbeing, & improved self awareness. It is grounding and helps our body, mind and spirit to resonate at a cohesive frequency. 


These sessions are guided by the energy of the individual/group. Sessions may include but are not limited to sound healing, breathwork, intuitive movement, guided meditation, hands on healing, essential oils, energy education, and akashic record work.


 Group opportunities are a wonderful chance to practice and deepen communication with a family, tribe, or team. We will practice being presence together and actively listening as each participant shares their intentions and heart through spoken word.

60 Minute Private Session


Family / Bubble session (up to 6 people)

$180 for 90 minutes, $220 for 2+ hours (more than 6 people) - additional charges may apply for mobile sessions